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Arnold Yasin Mol

Arnold Yasin Mol is an undergraduate at Leiden University currently finizaling his BA in Islamic Theology/Islamic Studies and writing a thesis entitled ‘The Grounds and Obstacles for Human Rights Discourse in Classical and Modern Islamic Thought: The theoretical constructions of God, nature and man and their practical consequences and possibilities,’ which he wants to expand on in his MA. His previous studies include Biochemistry (Leiden College) and Christian Theology (Faculty of Catholic Theology, Utrecht University).

Mol is director of the new Islam and Human Rights Institute (IHRI, www.islamandhumanrights.institute) which will serve as a as a platform for Muslim scholars and Islamicists for a renewed Islamic engagement of human rights discourse, and he is an editor at www.nieuwemoskee.nl  (newmosque), a leading Dutch Islamic platform which discusses contemporary issues on Islam and Muslims.