Erik-Jan Zürcher

Erik-Jan Zürcher, Professor of Turkish Studies at Leiden University Institute for Area Studies (LIAS)
Erik-Jan Zürcher

I am primarily interested in the period of transition from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic of Turkey (roughly: 1880-1950) and in the role of the Young Turk generation/movement in this process. After a period in which I studied the political history of the period, I gradually became more interested in its social history as well. In my view the key to an understanding of the emergence of modern Turkey lies in linking the processes of forced migration, war, the imperial legacy and nation building. I define myself primarily as a historian, who is informed by social science theory and able to access Turkish primary sources.

- Ph.D. in Turkish studies, Leiden University (1984)
- MA in Turkish studies, with modern history and Persian as minors, Leiden (1977)
- BA in Turkish Studies, with Arabic as minor, Leiden (1974)

- Full professor of Turkish Studies, Leiden University (1997- )
- General director International Institute of Social History (2008-2012)
- Affiliate professor of Social History of the Middle East, University of Amsterdam (1993-1997)
- Associate professor of Middle East History, Catholic University Nijmegen (1989-1997)
- Senior researcher, International Institute of Social History (1990-1999)
- Assistant professor of Turkish and Persian, Catholic University Nijmegen (1977-1989)

For a full list of publications, and more information on his research, please visit the university webpage of Professor Zürcher.