Jelle Bruning

Jelle Bruning, Lecturer Arabic Studies at Leiden University Institute for Area Studies
Jelle Bruning

Jelle Bruning is an Arabist and currently lectures at Leiden University. Among his fields of interest are the early history of Islam, social and political history of the Rightly-Guided, Umayyad and Abbasid periods, non-literary (documentary) sources on the history of the medieval Near East, especially written in Arabic, Coptic and Greek, and medicine in the medieval Muslim world.

He received a training in Arabic studies at Leiden University with a specialization in Christianity under medieval Muslim rule and medieval medicine (MPhil 2009). In April 2014, Jelle Bruning defended his PhD thesis "The rise of a capital: on the development of al-Fustat’s relationship with its hinterland, 18/639-132/750." For more information about his PhD research, click here (in English) and here (in Dutch).