Lily Sprangers

Lily Sprangers, Director of Turkey Institute at Leiden Institute for Area Studies
Lily Sprangers

Lily Sprangers is director and co-founder of the Turkey Institute (The Hague 2007) which moved to Leiden University at the end of 2012. A decade before, in 1996, she co-founded and co-headed the Germany Institute at the University of Amsterdam

She studied Contemporary History at the University of Amsterdam, specializing in international relations. Subsequently she worked for the Ministry of Defense in 1986-1990, lastly at the Planning Staff. In 1990 she was appointed director of the Atlantic Commission in The Hague, an NGO specializing in NATO Affairs, Russia and security issues in general.

She was  a member of the Defense Commission of the Dutch Advisory Council on International Affairs and served on the board of several NGO’s, including as chair of CESS (Center for European Securitry Studies,Groningen) and  from 1996 till 2005 she was the chair of the executive branch of Euroclio (The Association of History Teachers in Europe). In 2001 she was awarded the  Bundesverdienstkreuz.