Maarten Kossmann

Maarten Kossmann, Professor of Berber Studies at Leiden University
Maarten Kossmann

Maarten Kossmann is Professor of Berber Studies at LUCL (Leiden University). Since his PhD in 1994 on the Berber language of Figuig (Eastern Morocco), he has done research on a large array of subjects centering around Berber studies, leading to the publication of ten books and numerous articles. His main themes of study are: Description of different Berber languages (Figuig, Tarifiyt, Tuareg, Ghadames); Oral narratives (eastern Morocco); Comparative Berber linguistics; Language contact in the Sahel zone; Language contact between Berber and Arabic; Northern Songhay languages; Moroccan Dutch language use.

Maarten Kossmann teaches in the study programs of Linguistics and African Languages and Cultures.