Mostafa Hilali

Mostafa Hilali, Infantry officer at Royal Netherlands Armed Forces
Mostafa Hilali

Major Mostafa Hilali (1973) serves as an infantry officer in the Royal Netherlands Armed Forces. He has extensive military command and staff experience and his deployments include Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

He studied history at Leiden University and the University of Amsterdam, with an interest in military history, Islam, the Middle East and radicalism within Islam. Hilali wrote his thesis on the influence of Sharia on military operations.

As a volunteer in Amsterdam, he has had a lot of interaction with Muslims and non-Muslims active in anti-radicalisation programmes. He is, among other things, active in in the Multicultural Network of the Ministry of Defence (MND), a  network organization for people with a bi-cultural background who serve in the armed forces. He also assists the service of Muslim military chaplains.