Rebekah Tromble

Rebekah Tromble, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Political Science, Leiden University
Rebekah Tromble

Rebekah K. Tromble is a lecturer of political science. Her research combines interests in political communication, international relations, social movement studies, and Muslim politics.

She is currently working on several broad projects, the first of which builds on her dissertation research into media framing of political events at the micro level and provides a new theoretical perspective for understanding the relationship between journalists and their sources. The second project uses “big data” to analyze global media coverage of heads of state and various civil society actors. And the third project, which involves an international network of scholars, explores the possibilities for “transnational public spheres,” with a particular focus on the ways in which digital media technology are transforming the political and discursive connections made between people all around the globe.

Dr. Tromble also has an interest in former Soviet Central Asia, where she has both lived and researched extensively.