Wasif Shadid

Wasif Shadid, Professor emeritus at Faculty of Social Sciences, Leiden University
Wasif Shadid

Wasif Shadid (1944) is professor emeritus by special appointment in intercultural communication at the University of Tilburg. He finished his degree in Anthropology at Leiden University's Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences in 1970 with a minor in methodology. Since then and until his retirement in 2009 he was associated with the same faculty, responsible for teaching methodology and methods and techniques of social research.

He still gives lectures and carries out research on intercultural communication, interethnic relations and methodology of social research. Among his publications is his book "Fundamentals of intercultural communication" (Grondslagen van interculturele communicatie. Studieveld en werkterrein, Amsterdam: Kluwer, 2007). Furthermore, he has published, or is co-author of, various books and articles on interethnic relations, media and prejudice and the position of minorities, especially Muslims, in the Dutch multicultural society in general. For more information please see his website.